Resources contains a far more exhaustive resource list than this one! LCMS Deaconess Mary J Moerbe has compiled an impressive list of Lutheran educational materials and recommendations, as well as a marketplace with several free downloads and future items for purchase. More Lutheran vendors welcome!

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a great reference for finding legal requirements for homeschooling by state.

Wittenberg Academy is an online classical Lutheran school affiliated with the LCMS. They are accredited and they offer a free classical curriculum for grades K-6, and online courses for grades 7-12 with the option of graduating with a Wittenberg Academy diploma.

Amazing Grace Virtual Academy provides a forum for students to enroll in online courses. They are accredited and offer a wide variety of courses taught from a scriptural perspective by WELS and ELS instructors.

Bethany Lutheran College offers online dual enrollment opportunities for high school students, as well as the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program for Minnesota students.

Cheryl Swope is a leader in classical Lutheran education and also the creator of curriculum for children with special learning needs.

Ellen Norris is a private tutor in the Twin Cities area offering English and writing instruction to homeschool students and English curriculum support to homeschool parents. An ELS member, Ellen has taught English at the middle and high school level both as a classroom teacher in classical schools and as a private tutor. She offers both online and in-person instruction.

The Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education is an LCMS affiliated organization working to promote classical Lutheran education. They have an excellent resource page.  

Lutheran Publishing Houses

Bethany Book Store (ELS)

Northwestern Publishing House (WELS)

Concordia Publishing House (LCMS)

Hymns In My Heart

Kloria Publishing

According to Your Word

Into Your Hands