2020 Spring Symposium

We want to warmly welcome you to our 2020 Spring Symposium, March 7th on the campus of beautiful Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota! If you are local, come and share the day with us! (Register by February 25.) If you can’t make it due to distance or time constraints, visit our Facebook page to watch the lectures via livestream. Here’s a little bit about the talks you will enjoy:

Growing into—and not out of—the Catechism – Rev. Peter Faugstad

“The Catechism is not mastered as soon as it is memorized. Luther himself said he remained a child and pupil of the Catechism and studied it every day. This presentation will offer practical suggestions for catechesis at home beyond the grammar stage of learning. Catechism training should not end with Confirmation. A child’s Confirmation Day is much closer to the spiritual starting line than the finish line.” 

By the grace of God, Rev. Peter Faugstad was born into a Lutheran home. He was baptized and confirmed at Scarville Lutheran Church. He attended and graduated from Scarville Lutheran School, Alden-Conger Public High School, Bethany Lutheran College, and Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary. He was ordained as a pastor at Parkland Lutheran Church in 2009. When he accepted the call in 2016 to serve the Saude and Jerico Lutheran Churches, his talented and ambitious wife Kristin decided to give homeschooling a try. The “Strandebarm Lutheran Academy” has been in operation since. It now serves three of our five children and two more from the Saude congregation.

Head of Household, Head of Homeschool – Dan Johnson, Jon Mielke, and Rev. Johann Caauwe

“While every family works out its own balance, the lead teacher in most homeschools is the mother. What is the father’s role in homeschooling? In this panel discussion, three fathers will share what their involvement in educating their children looks like, as well as how they support their wives in this endeavor.”

I See, I Think, I Wonder: Science in the Lutheran Homeschool – Erica K. Jacobsen

“Science is a subject that can often get pushed to the back burner in the homeschool schedule. This can happen for different reasons, such as discomfort an educator might have regarding his or her background knowledge in the subject, additional materials that must be gathered and set up for experiments, and the difficulty of deciding which topics to cover and which curriculum to use. This presentation will discuss ways a Lutheran homeschool can effectively integrate regular learning about God’s creation, while addressing these obstacles.”

Erica K. Jacobsen currently teaches at a classical K–8 school (ELS) in The Dalles, Oregon, with her husband, who is also a pastor and principal in the parish. She earned a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in Education with majors in chemistry and natural sciences. She previously taught chemistry and physics at United South Central High School in Wells, Minnesota. After a move to Madison, Wisconsin, she worked for the Journal of Chemical Education, serving as its High School Editor for many years. She continues to consult and create content for the American Chemical Society. She began classically homeschooling in 2005, with two of their five children homeschooling K–12, and three (9th, 2nd, 2nd grades) a mixture of homeschool and Christian day school.

Amanda Moldstad is a co-founder of the Lutheran Homeschool Association. She and her husband, John, homeschool their five children in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

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