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Who Is This Child Before Me?

Who are our children, and why do we educate them? To answer these questions, the Christian looks first to God’s Word. Rev. Joshua Skogen presented a very fine paper on this topic for our 2022 Spring Symposium, and we are pleased to share it with you!

“Who Is This Child Before Me?”—Pastor Joshua Skogen

This presentation will help align our understanding of who our children are to the biblical perspective, and how that understanding shapes our purpose and goals in training them.

Rev. Joshua Skogen serves as the pastor of Scarville and Center Lutheran congregations in Scarville, IA. He received his Master of Divinity from Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary in 2010. Since then, he has served congregations in Waukon, IA, and Portage, IN, and now is in his fourth year at Scarville and Center. He is also the principal and a teacher at Scarville Lutheran School, which currently has grades Kindergarten through 11th grade. Prior to his arrival at Scarville, he and his wife, Katie, were homeschooling their children. Though he now teaches in a Christian Day School, he remains an advocate of homeschooling. Rev. Skogen has a background in education. He received a degree from Southwest Minnesota State University to teach secondary mathematics, and he continues to study education, especially classical Lutheran education, through conferences and books. Discussions about God’s Word and education are frequently enjoyed in the Scarville parsonage where Rev. Skogen, his wife Katie, and their six children live.

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